Running for diabetes awareness and diabetes research

Simon Siniora

( Member of team: Team Dam tot Damloop 2015  )

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I recently started working for a company whose customers are people with type 1 diabetes. I discovered how hard it is to manage your diabetes on a day to day basis. You’re doing this mentally and physically 24/7 with no breaks. Although a lot of people know about diabetes, we can still create more awareness. There is still no cure and a lot of unknowns can lead to serious complications or even death. Therefore research is important! Sponsor me to run for this cause and raise money for the research needed!

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21-09-2015 | 21:59 This is a wonderful initiative. Thank you Simon for the effort and support. My dad is particularly grateful! Let's hope that soon we will have a cure!! Galya
10-09-2015 | 07:36
09-09-2015 | 19:14 Het is een rot ziekte waar nog veel onderzoek naar gedaan moet worden. Top dat jij je hiervoor inzet!
09-09-2015 | 18:34
27-07-2015 | 14:54
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Whilst in Stockholm I've run 5km in 21:58 this week!

18-09-2015 | 19:06 Im looking forward to Sunday's 16km!!
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