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Olivier Ngoumou

( Member of team: UBS voor JDRF 2016 )

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After 28 years, I was finally converted to the running-mania and decided to join the Dam to Damloop running competition. Some will call it a race , but it's more a cool, fun and very sweaty moment to share with friends and colleagues. As everything in life, we needed a goal, so there it is: I will be running to raise money for the JDRF organization. For those who don't know it, JDRF is a world charitable organization dedicated to funding type 1 diabetes research. The course is only 16 km, which might be just over what my decadent physical condition allows me to run these days. However, I am sure that any of your generous donations will help me get to the final line. The competition is only in 3 weeks (18th September), so don t waste any time to donate and make it rain$$$$$

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