Alice swims for Diabetes!

Alice Rosato

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I was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 a year ago. I want to raise money to help others who also have type 1 diabetes and to fund research into this condition. I am lucky as I have had great care here in The Netherlands so I want to raise money for . I have two special friends who are also doing the swim with me. They have been really supportive and helped me since I got Diabetes. Please sponsor me - I will swim as many lengths as I can in 1 hour. I think I'll do about 60 (I will have to test my blood sugar in the middle!).

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20-05-2016 | 19:24 Admiration for Alice and all other children facing Diabetes.
20-05-2016 | 17:58
20-05-2016 | 11:54 Great Initiative. All the best , success.
18-05-2016 | 13:05
17-05-2016 | 21:10 Great determination