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Help us run to find a cure for Diabetes type 1

Marijke, Peter, Desi and Giulia

( Member of team: Dam tot Damloop 2017 )


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Ever heard of the diabetes-in-a-cup or diabetes-on-a-plate joke? Someone eating so much they give themselves diabetes. A bit absurd, right?

We hear about Diabetes quite a lot. Often in combination with a negative remark. Usually focused on the disease rather than on the person who has the disease. Some think it is brought upon ourselves by being overweight, old or by not looking after ourselves properly.

But this isn't always true. 

There are many individuals out there who have been affected by Diabetes Type 1 and can't do anything about it. People like you and me.

Think of the crazy 10 mile runner,  the 6 year old boy, the career-driven mum, the busy dad, the old man reading a newspaper, the funny aunt, the beer drinking friend, the hardworking student, the relaxed holidaymaker, the nervous bride, the happy single...

That's why we, Giulia, Desi, Peter and Marijke,are running the JDRF Dam tot Damloop 2017 on the 17th of September. To find a cure for all those lives that are touched and affected by Diabetes type 1. So help us run 10 miles by passing on the message and/or donating!

Thanks a lot for your support! 


Marijke, Giulia and Desi have commenced training by climbing 2400 meters in the Italian Alps.....

whilst Peter is sprinting through grueling Triathlons in Amsterdam! 


Marijke has Diabetes Type 1 since she was 24. It is a chronic condition whereby her body isn't producing any insulin anymore. Unfortunately we all need insulin to stay alive. This means that Marijke is confined to life-long insulin therapy (insulin pump, blood sugar tests and multiple yearly hospital check-ups) to stay alive and minimise future complications. Although a difficult disease, she stays positive and focuses on what she 'can' do in life.

JDRF is an international organisation (founded and controlled by people affected by T1D) with one mission: to find a cure for Diabetes type 1. They focus their efforts strategically and internationally so that every euro (or dollar) is spent optimally.